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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

So when Louise and I first started on this whirlwind endeavour, our inspiration for creativity was somewhat unfocussed and a little "wishy washy". The more time goes on, the more, in Louise's work, you really see her raw enthusiasm and love for expression. With mine, I really fall in love with every piece like I am creating it for me (and in most cases, I so desperately want to keep them!) I would like to say that some of our inspiration comes from external sources, but I think a lot of our creativity comes from each other and our lives. Louise's extravagent and unique pieces, each of them different and every new piece better than the last. She constantly lifts my enthusiasm for creativity and supports all my pieces (even the ones I am less than impressed with).

With a love for all things beautiful, colourful and unique I have dabbled in photography, painting, drawing, creating small gift items such as message jars and what not... But my new passion and extreme enthusiasm has now evolved into Upcycling. You will probably look at our website and think: "eh? Upcycling?" Because, when I say "new" passion... I really mean new! I am learning as I go, recreating pieces individual, unique and with a complete different temperament to any other upcycling projects I've seen. And as recycling, reusing and recreating is our motto, well why not reuse items I've obtained second hand or scrubbed up!

With only 3 units sold so far, this really is a baby project, but hopefully the more I establish my techniques, the more confident I will grow in my own style, and hopefully the more people will love it!

So, upcycling...the ever growing new hobby.... But don't you all get into it, let me do it for you! Message us for any quotes or commissions. Get them while I'm finding my feet, because one day they'll be worth a small fortune!

That's all for now, but keep posted to see how we are getting on.

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