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Raspberry ReCreations on Etsy!

Our handmade and upcycling shop on Etsy has had a revamp! Raspberry Recreations was our original shop where we started by making various bits and pieces using materials we found at our local tip shop. We quickly became addicted to rehoming a much wider range of items when we saw just how many beautiful vintage and even brand new things are discarded all the time.



With our vintage shops well established we have gone back to our roots and given our upcycling and handmade shop a bit of well overdue love and attention ❤



Amongst the things we can't resist buying are old sewing boxes, yarn stashes, unfinished projects, button tins, fabrics and jewellery boxes. Every house clearance yields some and many people have no use for them when an elderly relative passes on. We know the love, care and skill that goes into making and mending, collecting and salvaging and we believe that each of these finds deserves better than a trip to landfill!



They usually come to us all jumbled and neglected. Each one a unique story of children clothed, shirts mended, dresses made for special occasions and long evenings of careful crafting. Often they contain paper bags from long closed family shops, hand written receipts and notes jotted down with family member's measurements and birthdays. We like to think that we honour these stories as we sift through, salvage, sort and clean the materials ready to pass on to a crafter or artist who can breathe new life into old stories by creating something new.


Raspberry Recreations started as a little passion project after I lost my job due to long term illness. We still have that passion for salvaging, reusing and creating and now, the shop brings you our unique creations as well as a wide range of salvaged vintage and upcycled crafting materials to inspire everyone to reuse, recreate and generate new from old, carrying the skills and stories into the future.

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