• Raspberry Bazaar


Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We are two women from South Wales pursuing our dream to run a business to support our families and build a legacy for their futures. We are passionate about rescuing treasures from landfill and reducing waste. We source items that have been thrown away or discarded including from recycling centres, house clearance, charity shops, car boot sales, and friends and family. If something is destined for the tip, we want to reuse it, clean it up, make it into something beautiful and give it a new lease of life. 'One man's rubbish is another woman's treasure' as the saying goes and we are those women! We come across everything from brand new unwanted gifts, clothing and household items to vintage materials and broken items which we can use to make something new, useful and desirable. Some of our favourite examples are vintage sewing boxes which are often discarded at house clearance. The contents tell such stories and we love to root through a lifetime of mending, making and collecting and reuse the contents so that the legacy of the person's creativity lives on. We sell a lot of items as they are, bringing them to a wide audience of keen collectors and nostalgia fans through fairs, Ebay, Etsy and social media. We offer brand new bargains which prevent the waste which can happen when something doesn't quite fit the person it was bought for but is perfect for someone else. What is not suitable for sale, we use in projects to create art work, curios and practical, reusable items which will in turn prevent the use of throwaway consumables. We also love to support other small businesses, especially those producing natural materials, providing work for marginalised people and using recycled materials themselves. For example we buy naturally hand dyed wool direct from the farm and recycled sari fabrics from a women's cooperative in India. Please explore our links, follow us, share and find your own particular treasure, or let us know what you are looking for to complete your collection.

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