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2021 - Bring it On!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This time last year we were happily adding festivals, antiques fairs and flea markets to our brand new planners and looking forward to opening our first permanent real life shop. So that didn't quite go to plan! This year we are a little more cautious! We'll be optimistically penciling in those re-arranged festivals and stalls and crossing everything that we will be out there meeting our customers in person in a sunny field at some point in 2021. However, we expect most of our selling to continue to be online for several months yet, and we are starting the year with new Brexit rules and increasing postage costs. So our energy is going into revamping and restocking our virtual shops and we are excited about bringing you lots of weird and wonderful, beautiful and practical, old and renewed items!

Our Ebay shop is the first to have an overhaul!

We have had fantastic success selling on Ebay over the past few years and we are really proud of our 100% positive feedback. We work really hard to offer excellent customer service and it's so good to see that reflected in the comments we get. It's wonderful when we manage to match an item that has been discarded with a new home where someone has been looking for exactly that piece - or didn't know they really needed it until they saw it!

This is where we sell such a wide variety of items, old, new, handmade and upcycled, that it can all get a bit confusing. If you are looking for vintage books, you don't necessarily want to have to scroll through teapots, DVDs and shoes! So we have re-organised our categories to make finding exactly what interests you much easier. Whether you are a vintage car enthusiast, looking for memorabilia or an avid collector of vintage crockery, you can now browse everything we have to offer you in one section.

How to use our Ebay shop

You can find our shop at http://www.ebay.co.uk/str/newandvintagefinds

On a PC or laptop, all the categories can be found down the left hand side, so go ahead and explore!

On a mobile device you can find the different categories by clicking on 'Filter', the 'Categories'.

We are adding new items all the time so here's how you can stay up to date with everything we have to offer;

Follow our Ebay Shop to receive notifications when new items are listed

Follow us on Instagram

Follow us on Twitter @Raspberrybazaa1

Follow us on Facebook

Check our website regularly for new blog post

If you are a collector and looking for something specific, feel free to email us at raspberrybazaar@hotmail.com and we can put you on our list to notify you when we have something new in your interest area.

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